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About Timeporary Clock

Everything in this world leaves traces on itself as they live through the continuously flowing time. Some objects are made and used for specific purposes and then thrown away with many embedded traces. Some places are standing through long periods of time, while carving the traces of time outside and leaving the traces of people inside. Nature accumulates their own stories through birth and death in the circulation of four seasons. And we as human beings, collect stories inside of ourselves as we flow in time.

That is why we take photos. We take photos to keep these stories from changing and disappearing. Inside the world of photos, even the endlessly flowing time ceases to move, enabling us to see the details which we have missed. A sand grain falling off a pile of earth, roughly broken concrete pieces, light and shadow projected on a wrinkled silk or a rusted metal with beautiful colors and patterns. We can finally hear these stories of temporary moments and possess them through photos. In this two dimensional image, temporary moments exist as elements such as story, form, colour and texture.

‘Timeporary’ is a photographic clock made of these temporary moments around us. Various elements of temporary moments with their own individual stories build up the clock tower, constructing a new story of its own. The ticking clock on top of the tower spins to give life to the frozen time within the photography. The photo locked within the frame is no longer flat and static space but transforms into a lively space where new stories are told every second.


STUDIO OSOH is a collaborative art and design project studio that established in 2018 by two Koreans, artist Soyeon Kim, and designer Juno Jeon based in Shanghai in China. Based on their muticultural experience in design and art field, they focus on exploring relationship between them and their surrounding such as objects, nature, people and the world. Studio OSOH’s goal is finding and defining their own path in these “Between”.