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About Atelier Errance

Atelier Errance was co-founded by designer Huang Yijie and artist Chen Xiang during their time in France and is currently based in Shanghai. The studio is dedicated to the creation of contemporary art and design, focusing on the details of everyday life and unleashing the inherent powers of art and design through interdisciplinary approaches.

The studio positions itself as a place for research and experimental creation. The primary working method involves combining research and creation related to everyday life itself, serving as a source of creative thinking. The aim is for the works to enable self-discovery and allow people to experience the vitality of art and design through a series of everyday activities such as observation, touch, and usage. In the spirit of the Fluxus movement in France, the studio echoes the enthusiastic statement of the famous artist Robert Filliou: “Art is what makes life more interesting than art.”

Atelier Errance seeks to blur the boundaries between contemporary art and design. Each piece is built upon a core theme, thoroughly exploring various aesthetic forms of artistic presentation, combining conceptual and technical possibilities, and employing a variety of materials and techniques. These elements contribute to infusing our works with freshness, vitality, and enthusiasm.